Kevin Ash | About
Photography has always been an interest to me. I have been blessed with seemingly always having a camera available to me, even as a child. I have fond memories of old disposable 35mm film cameras and Polaroids. One year for Christmas my parents got me my first digital camera, (I still have it) an old Pentax point and shoot. The little Pentax really fueled my passion for taking photographs and I soon found my self wanting to be able to do more, the little guy just wasn't cutting it anymore. I bought my first DSLR on a trip to Okinawa, Japan in 2008, still considering my self nothing more than an amateur, it wasn't until I started attending De Anza College in Cupertino, CA that I really started to grow as an artist.

My passion is aviation, it is the driving force behind my Photography. I have very fond memories of my Grandfather taking me to the airport to watch airplanes after school. Later in life this inspired me to join the United States Air Force, what better way to be close to the aircraft I love than to work on them! Each summer I travel to air shows across the United States on a mission to photograph the best pilots in the world flying the most daring demonstrations in the most sophisticated of aircraft. I am humbled by the raw power of military strike aircraft, and the skill that it takes to fly such a machine. My goal is to capture the power and intensity of the moment so that others may partake in what they might other wise not be able to.

While I love being at shows and photographing aircraft and their pilots, I realize that I can't be at all of them. When I am not at a show I shoot locally, I love being out at the beach catching a spectacular sunset almost as much as being on the ramp at an air show. You will find that my work represents a diverse collection of styles and subjects, I sincerely hope that you enjoy looking at them, as much as I enjoy taking them.

If you would like to get in contact with me to set up a shoot, inquire about rates, or to simply ask a question please feel free to send me an email at I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!